"I Am Stapleton"
Stormtroopers 2002

The Children
  • a term used to garner support to raise taxes, fees, and other
    governmental levies on taxpayers to benefit the children

The children constitute 13% of the population.

The children consume 63% of all town and school resources

  • Enough is enough!
  • Live within your means.
  • Don't take the seniors to the cleaners.

The children are 25% bilingual .

The children are 20% special education (SPED) .

  • This is twice the national SPED rate.
  • Is there something in the water?
  • Is this a teachers union scam?
  • Why is the SPED rate continuing to increase?
  • We pay forty (40%) percent more for SPED students.
  • There is no equality in education.
  • Are the children of liberals really more mentally challenged?

The children being referred to by the teachers union are usually those children
whose mother or father coincidentally happens to be a teacher.

The children are really a front for the teachers union.

There are those who say that our property prices would plunge if schools were cut.
This is a myth propagated by the teachers union.
The price of real estate is based on supply and demand.
The largest contributing factor is simply population density.

A draconian cut is a 1% cut.

Need reasons to say yes to an override?

Why You Should Say NO!

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