As each school needs an override, the city of Framingham will tell you that the school:
  1. has served our community well for many years,
  2. has reached a point that it no longer meets today's building codes,
  3. has structural deficiencies,
  4. has inefficient and inoperable systems, and
  5. does not adequately support our educational curriculum.
The original Fuller was South Framingham High School whose capacity was 1,500 students. Current capacity is 450 or so. Only 52% of its space is for classrooms. And we have the audacity to call it a school.

"The old-style classroom has what's called the sage-on-the-stage model where there is an all-knowing teacher who is expounding information and kids are sponges absorbing it," he said. "That is a model that is no longer pursued."

Plans also call for the school to house at least nine classrooms dedicated to students learning English. More than half of Fuller's current students speak a language other than English at home, and the number of English learners is expected to continue to rise.

About a quarter of the student population also receives special education services through Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). School officials expect at least six classrooms will be needed to serve this population of students in the future, given the growing size of Framingham's autism program in elementary schools.

When an override is enthusiastically (perhaps unanimously) endorsed by the city council in 2018 or 2019, we can just visualize this public sector cretin salavating and wringing her hands thinking more for me, less for you

The proposed Fuller debt-inclusion override that will be shoved down our throats by the public sector unions (who get the bennies) can be done by borrowing the money. Currently, Framingham's debt under the debt limit is limited to $450 million (5% of total assesed value of the city). The current amount in that debt category is about $120 million. We can easily absorb another $70 million.

Regretably, our idiot mayor (and councillors) will kowtow to the public sector unions (who represent our largest voting block, with money). Our largest is the Framingham Teachers Association. . They have many different unions, all bullying the school committee to find more money. They're just political thugs.

This override is really a series of debt-exclusion overrides to rebuild all our schools over time. Our most recent town manager, the evil Robert Halpin, who works tirelessly at government metastisis, had suggested that we need a total of $300 million to rebuild our schools, and the idea here is to start off small and work up to bigger overrides over time.

See page three of this document

The bottom line is that the taxpayers will be paying for these school rebuilding projects for the remainder of their miserable lives.

The town will remind you repeatedly that these are debt-exclusion overrides that end after the loan is paid back, and not an operational override which lasts forever (well, at least until our sun goes nova and incinerates us).

We know how Framingham loves to talk about its history and all the historic buildings it has. Rather then rebuild our schools, let's allow our schools to become historic. The history buffs like Charles Sisitsky will love talking about the old school buildings we have.

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