This override is really a series of debt-exclusion overrides to rebuild all our schools over time. Our most recent town manager, the evil Robert Halpin, who works tirelessly at government metastisis, had suggested that we need a total of $300 million to rebuild our schools, and the idea here is to start off small and work up to bigger overrides over time.

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The bottom line is that the taxpayers will be paying for these school rebuilding projects for the remainder of their miserable lives.

The town will remind you repeatedly that these are debt-exclusion overrides that end after the loan is paid back, and not an operational override which lasts forever (well, at least until our sun goes nova and incinerates us).

We know how Framingham loves to talk about its history and all the historic buildings it has. Rather then rebuild our schools, let's allow our schools to become historic. The history buffs like Charles Sisitsky will love talking about the old schools buildings we have.

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