In recent years, Framingham has decreased our annual tax increase of 2.5% to something less, but this was a deliberate ploy and incentive for the tax liberals (those with kids in school) to vote for a 2020 debt exclusion override in the approximate amount of $60 million for Fuller/Farley school. They say this override will only affect us for twenty years.

Being an avant garde member of the Grey Tsunami and a member of Framingham's walking dead (those of us that have less than twenty years to live), I would obviously see this as a permanent override in my books. Who are they kidding? In our most recent Long Range Financial Forecast FY2019-FY2024, our CFO states our school costs are overwhelming our budget. She does not state that the new students do not speak english as a first language. What state in the union teaches a language other than english? Then there are those genetically inferior children , the most expensive one is costing us $371,000 a year to educate. The top 40 costs nearly $5.5 million a year.

Our CFO then states that Framingham is at a decision point as to what sort of education system we want and what we can realistically afford. Here's a hint, stop enticing children from foreign countries whose parents do not realistically pay property taxes. Stop promoting our SPED program as some sort of positive thing. It's not. Write a law to place a cap on how much we spend on any one student. Each student should have equal funding.

Now Chris Walsh is looking like Pam Richardson who wanted to give illegals the vote. Lets build more and more apartments to house them. Watch our school budget go sky high. Give them the vote, a chicken in every pot, food stamps, a full Section-8 voucher and don't forget a new car.

I ain't buying your stinking override.

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