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Every tax is a pay cut.
Every tax cut is a pay raise.

Citizens for Limited Taxation

Why You Should Say Yes! to this Operational Override
  • Proposition 2 1/2 was meant for emergencies only and not to merely provide better pay and benefits for the public sector unions. Still feel a need to vote yes? Read on!

  • You are a town or school employee and you feel deeply offended that anyone should dare to place constraints on your rightly deserved bloated salary and great benefits.

  • You will be a direct beneficiary of the extra monies from this override.

  • You firmly believe that the Framingham taxpayers represent an unlimited pool of wealth from which you are entitled to tap for the rest of your life. In fact, you have been given a special papal dispensation to do so.

  • You are one of many illegal aliens who reside in Framingham and you need a lot more government services that are paid by someone else. You of course need your money to send back to your family in some derelict, delapidated South American banana republic.

  • You reside in one of many SMOC tax-exempt properties and strongly believe you, a drug addict or alcoholic, should be entitled to live off the fat of the land in Framingham and your children should get a free education.

  • You just love paying for the education of those cute cuddly SMOC children whose parents are drug addicts and alcoholics.

  • You have a desire to feed the Prader-Willi gluttons for the remainder of their lives at the cost of $85,000 per year.

  • You do not object to delaying your early retirement for years to pay for other people's problem of which you have no control over.

  • You wish to support more illegals in Framingham. You simply can't get enough of them and their children (er! anchor babies).

  • You wish to support many more SMOC facilities to help all those poor unfortunate people who exhibit no controls on their alcohol and drug use. These SMOC facilities should be crammed full of school aged children.

  • You wish that the town would build a new library that contains only Spanish and Portuguese books to help the illegals.

  • You are made of money and wish to lose some weight.

  • You live in liberal la-la land and this qualifies as a mental illness.

  • You have money to burn but your fireplace can't burn it fast enough.

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