Have you ever considered the legitimacy of property taxes? It's one thing for the government to take a cut from your income, but there's something deeply offensive about the idea of property taxes. It's the idea that you have to pay your local government, year after year for the rest of your life, for something you've already paid in full. It's complete nonsense.

It calls into question whether you even own your property in the first place. After all, do you really own it if you have to keep paying for it? It seems to closely resemble the medieval system of serfdom. The peasants didn't own the land they worked on. They had to pay a yearly fee for the right to work that land, which went towards the nobles and knights. It was protection money. So at least they had the benefit of protection from the warrior class in those societies.

In reality, you don't "own" your house or the land it sits on, even if it's been paid in full. That's another benefit those peasants have on us. They didn't have to pay some bank for decades, only to have their land taken from them when they didn't pay their "yearly fee". They were never under the illusion that the land belonged to them.

Who really owns your land and your house? You or the town of Framingham?

No one should have to pay a yearly charge on something they own. If you don't pay your "debt to the state" they will try and come throw you off of your land, for mere dollars I might add, then take your property and sell it for a whole lot more than the tax dollars you owe them. The rest is free money to do what ever they want with. Which is generally partying, and buying more nice things for themselves. Property tax is at the top of the list of taxes that I think should be abolished.

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