This override is to pay for the Framingham schools ever burgeoning bilingual special education gulag .

Framingham has bragged too long about their great special education program that people have taken note. Especially those in Brazil who are welcomed by our Welcoming proclamation . The word gets around in Governador Valadares that if you have a handicapped child, Framingham is the place to go.

Town revenues grow an average of 4.5% each year due to Proposition 2 1/2 and new growth (residential/business). The graph below shows town expenditures.  From 2008 on, the numbers are derived on anticipated future revenues.

Many people look at the financial graph below and think an override is needed. It can be said that these people will be the beneficiaries of the override ( Framingham Teachers Union ) or they may suffering from a simple case of paralyzing stupidity, a mental disease for which there is no known cure..

Generated from data in annual reports and five year projection .

Why You Should Say NO!

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