The Great Town Retirees Health Insurance Operational Override
This override is to pay for the health insurance for town retirees and the cost will be in the $100 million range.  The town will try for an operational override since these types of overrides are forever.

Read the first few pages of Framingham's Five Year Fiscal Projection to see this cost being mentioned.

This is the biggest override to face the taxpayers of Framingham and they will get absolutely nothing in exchange.

This is strictly a transference of wealth from your pockets to their pockets since the taxpayers will get no additional services or additional infrastructure in exchange.  This is merely a cost from the past, catching up to you in the future.

If you vote for it, just start shovelling your extra funds to the town unions .

I believe that town and school employees who simply cannot appreciate how hard it was for taxpayers to generate town revenues, are not shackled to Framingham and should feel free to look for work elsewhere.  We will be delighted to provide you with minimal relocation assistance, like the directions out of town.

Why You Should Say NO!

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