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A three year recap of your taxes and fees with this capital override.

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I did assorted calculations to reach a per household cost of $186.00.

Here are some detailed comments for each of the proposed expenditures.

Please send me your comments if you wish.

The fundamental question to ask yourself about this override is:

"After the $90 million is spent, how will my life have been improved?".

If you cannot find any improvements, this override is not for you.  Perhaps, you should wait for the next one, coming to your neighborhood sooner than you think.

Six major points to be made about this request for a capital override.

The primary beneficiaries of this capital override will overwhelmingly be the public sector (town/school) employees of Framingham.

This override will hurt mostly seniors and those at the bottom of the social economic spectrum. In return, they merely get higher tax bills.

I'm guessing that the average age of town meeting is close to sixty. Will they vote for an override that most will not see paid in their lifetimes? Will they pass the debt to their children. I'm betting on NO!

As long as the Board of Selectman are encouraging illegal aliens into Framingham and we have to pay to educate their children, why should we provide any extra funding to the town government.  Why should we foot the bill for a bad policy?

One of the stated objectives of this capital override proposal is to increase property values.  A stated objective of the Framingham Housing Plan is to make housing more affordable.  These two objectives are in conflict with each other.  The right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing. Is there a unified strategy in this town?  (hysterical laughter follows).

I do not see anything of value in this $90 million capital override that would benefit the 963 commercial taxpayers. The only thing they would get would be the property tax bills.

Rebuilding Framingham Capital Override Costs
The program is slated for projects with a demonstrated need with initiatives that will benefit a large number of residents, be very visible, improve quality of life in the community and enhance property values of residents.

"I believe we are in the position that many homeowners are in when their home gets older and their personal resources cannot totally meet the needs. Often a second mortgage for a small amount of the total value is considered. That is much like we are faced as a community. The investment will enhance the overall community. The investment will enhance the overall community value significantly and will be of limitted duration to meet specific needs."

                  George P. King, Jr.

By a 4-1 vote, this override was merely endorsed by the Gang of Four on our Board of Selectman on 09/23/2004.

The last override was hard to visualize. This one, you can see it, feel it, experience it, you'll enjoy it.

                  George P. King, Jr. to the School Committee, 10/05/2004

Visualize this George! 

I believe in parsimonious government.

                  Harold J. Wolfe

The chances this override has....

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