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Editorial Letters and Articles on The Immense Override of 2005
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 03/25/2005 King says $86M override idea is off the table
Edward R. Rogaishio 02/06/2005 Government Tax Scam
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 01/25/2005 Override proposal stalling
Antoinette Burrill 01/18/2005 Library is not affordable
Carolyn Kessel Stewart 508-490-7475 01/16/2005 Bills bring bad news to homeowners
Harold J. Wolfe 508-877-5541 12/24/2004 It's time for the town to control costs
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 12/23/2004 Panel to eye King's vision for Framingham
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 12/17/2004 $85M override pitch ruffles feathers
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 12/16/2004 King to spell out details of potential override
Gerald Heng, Framingham 12/11/2004 Stop The Money
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 12/10/2004 Framingham board approves tax hike
Harold J. Wolfe 12/07/2004 How will the override help?
Steve Orr 12/07/2004 Thoughts on override plan
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 12/02/2004 Anti-override campaign a sign of things to come
Charles Brody 11/19/2004 Town override plan is much too ambitious
Eunice Kim 11/14/2004 High cost proves an icy reality:
Uncertainty in Middle East, cold winter
will likely cause bills to soar
Jon Brodkin 11/14/2004 Out in the cold: Skyrocketing housing costs
push the poor into homelessness
Mrs. Purpura 11/05/2004 Playground is too small
Tom Gilchrist 11/05/2004 Town needs two libraries
Harold J. Wolfe 11/05/2004 Override is unnecessary
Rob Haneisen 508-626-3882 10/29/2004 Is all this really necessary?
Harold J. Wolfe 10/28/2004 Say No to the Override
D. Craig MacCormack (508-626-4429) 10/23/2004 Wolfe draws line on taxes: Activist raises early
opposition to possible $90 million override
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/17/2004 Blumer: Override may mean more aid
Charlie Breitrose 508-626-4407 10/15/2004 Modest or too ambitious?
Charlie Breitrose 508-626-4407 10/06/2004 Board wary of $90M project
Sumner Weisman, Framingham 10/03/2004 Don't Endorse Latest Override
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 09/29/2004 Committees kept in dark on override idea
Antoinette K. Burrill (Framingham) 09/28/2004 Seniors in Deficit Positions
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 09/23/2004 Town's fix-it list total: $90m
Town manager's plan gets guarded response

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