New Memorial Building Debt Exclusion/Capital Override
The Town of Framingham wishes to rebuild its circa 1926 town hall that is affectionately known as the Memorial Building .

Due to total lack of leadership and planning, not a single plug nickel has been put aside over the last 81 years to get a new one.

What is the purpose of our planning department?

George King's 2005 capital override attempt wanted $28.5 million to renovate the Memorial building, but in all honesty, most people believe that it should be razed and a new town hall should be built elsewhere.

Only one hundred and thirty ( 130 ) town employees work here.

Framingham has a large real estate portfolio that includes a lot of unused properties. These should be sold in order to pay for this new town hall. In essence, this override should not occur.

Here are some assorted images of the Memorial Building floor layouts.

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