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Every tax is a pay cut.
Every tax cut is a pay raise.

Citizens for Limited Taxation

I've made different assumptions to come to my $186 per household.

I suspect that our town manager lowballed it to make it look more attractive.

Calculator Used
$86,000,000 loan at 5% over 25 years Total cost: $150.8 million
Monthly payment = $502,747 Annual payment = $6.032 million
Residential taxpayers 18,160 Tax rate per $1000 $13.31
Commercial taxpayers 963 Tax rate per $1000 $29.68
Residential share: 56% x $6.032 million = about $3.378 million

Number of residential parcels: about 18,160

Average annual payment per residential parcel: $ 3.378 million / 18,160 = $186

George King made other assumptions.

Many taxpayers will easily see $500 increases or more.

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